September 4, 2021 Saturday

Completed the church project, will share when it is approved for publication. Presently, working on 2 main portraits which due to privacy issues at this time I am not able to share. In the meantime, Abba Father has given me a challenge to work on for my Christmas card and as a special project. Not sure what He will have me do with the project when it is completed other than the card but that is His issue not mine. Mine is to do my best to make it with Him! It is a large one. In the photo you can see the beginnings, the sheet is 64”x 88” which will get a bit larger once I finish both sides with flat white wall paint to use as a foundation. All the photos of the subjects are public domain and free for me to use personally and commercially. Will post these resources in future. Anyway I am praying I will honor my Lord’s desire for me to do this to glorify Him.

August 15, 2021 Sunday

Completed the church project. Will share once I get approval of acceptance. Now I am working on rebuilding my drawing skills practicing sketches from some art books I have to warm me back up into doing my portrait and painting projects. These 2 sheets of eyes are from the books “Facial Expression “ by Gary Faigin and “Drawing The Head & Figure” by Jack Hamm. Will be doing some more from these and other books I have. Plus I am making practice sketches again of 2 persons of a 4 person portrait project I had set aside while doing the special project. I want to make some corrections I see now I have been away from it a while and I can see where things need to be readjusted.